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This introduction should be helpful to anyone who is taking an introductory level college course in ethics or anyone who would like to learn about moral philosophy on his or her own. It attempts to show how any rational being would agree to universal moral laws. Clearly this would be an absurd demand, since we apparently do this all the time in morally appropriate ways. This puzzle is less severe once we recognize that Aristotle regards different sorts of things as 'promoting' an end.

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Empiricism and Ethics

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Sense And Nonsense in Pyschology

Political naturalism has as many faces as Nikita Khrushchev. It wears one face in the corrupt political and religious pressure groups in our country. It wears another face in Russia, and still another in China Wu Yun's Way: Life And Works of an Eighth-century Daoist Master (Sinica Leidensia) By comparing viewpoints of Kant and Bentham and relate it to our modern society, it is able to observe that Kant provides a more straightforward answer to whether it is moral to have an abortion. The standard of Kant is that, the final decision is only based on the moral worth of the action and furthermore, an abortion is a way to kill a person that is always considered as a murder and it is never a moral action download. And I think some familiarity with philosophy of science, epistemology, and metaphysics (especially the history of those fields) is useful in answering these questions. Patrick, thank you for your reply to my inquiries , e.g. The Definitive Guide to Organizational Backstabbing: Volume II It is extremely tempting to attribute the subject's performance to a character defect in the subject rather than to details of the situation , source: The Science of Good and Evil : Why People Cheat, Gossip, Care, Share, and Follow the Golden Rule When asked about morality, many people respond like this: "Oh, that's all just a matter of personal opinion anyway, right?" But if you look at the way in which moral values actually work in our everyday lives, you'll see that this is not the case A Week On The Concord And Merrimack Rivers A Week On The Concord And Merrimack. Intellectual superiority is above and beyond good and evil as understood in the traditional sense. There is no higher moral order to which men of such calibra are amenable. The end of society is not the common good of its members; the intellectual aristocracy (the over-man) is its own end; in its behalf the common herd, the "too many", must be reduced to slavery and decimated. As it rests with each individual to decide who belongs to this intellectual aristocracy, so each man is at liberty to emancipate himself from the existing moral order epub. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1979. Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume 50: 115-136. Reprinted in Moral Luck: Philosophical Papers 1973-1980. Reprinted in Freedom and Resentement and Other Essays. Frankfurt, H. 1969. �Alternate Possibilities and Moral Responsibility'. Reprinted in The Importance of What We Care About: Philosophical Essays , e.g. Ethics, an Exposition of read pdf

In other words, is something like ‘you ought not to murder’ always going to be a principle or might it only be a principle for one individual, or one culture, or at one particular time? We’ll look at the latter idea first since it is currently quite a popular position to adopt. Basically, the idea here is that there is no single set of ethical principles which apply universally ref.: Moral and Political read online This idea of morality, as well as the interconnectedness of everything, is described in the "Allegory of the CaveaE. ... In respect to ethics, as well as politics, if something was functioning properly, such as the soul or civilization, they were considered virtuous. .. Grounding for the Metaphysics download here Did this innate knowledge of ethics exist 4.5 billion years ago when scientists believe the earth was formed? Did this innate knowledge of ethics exist when one of our ancestors from the species Homo habillis was born 2 million years ago? These creatures were both ape-like and human-like in appearance Economic Justice and Liberty: download for free

Respect for Nature: A Theory of Environmental Ethics: 1st (First) Edition

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Morality claims knowledge of ethics but it does so through culturally based assertions, namely through religion. It is for this reason, morality has a religious connotation. Both terms denote a knowledge of right and wrong actions but the foundations of that knowledge are divergent. Jonathan Haidt has come up with a definition of Morality that is quite useful How Do I Save My Honor?: War, Moral Integrity, and Principled Resignation read for free. In measuring pleasure and pain, Bentham introduces the following criteria: INTENSITY, DURATION, CERTAINTY (or UNCERTAINTY), and its NEARNESS (or FARNESS) ref.: On Right and Wrong download here. Likewise, one could violate Ethical Principles within a given system of rules in order to maintain Moral integrity Sense And Nonsense in read online But these truths do not imply that virtue is the entire and perfect good as the object of the faculty of desire of rational finite beings. For this, happiness is also required” (CPrR, 114) In fleshing out the nature of the highest good, then, Kant speaks of two kinds of goods, virtue and happiness in proportion to virtue How Do I Save My Honor?: War, Moral Integrity, and Principled Resignation Morality is “all about” improving the well-being of conscious creatures. 2. Facts about the well-being of conscious creatures are accessible to science. 3. Therefore science can tell us what’s objectively “moral” — that is, it can tell us whether something increases, or decreases, the well-being of conscious creatures , source: Moral uses of dark things download here The social contract, utilitarianism / prioritarianism, Immanuel Kant's categorical imperative, ethical egoism and moral intuitionism are sufficient motivational substitutes for divine command Doing Better: The Next read epub Should you make bad people happy -- Charles Manson, Osama bin Laden, Hitler? Or even in regard to good people, what if we made our children happy by spoiling them and teaching them to be insensitive to the sorrows of others or by teaching them to be self-sufficient enough to be able to have food and beer and just enjoy watching tv all the time , e.g. Darwin's Incomplete Idea read online read online?

Lincoln and his cabinet: A lecture delivered on Tuesday, March 10, 1896, before the New Haven Colony historical society,

Ethics: Essential Readings in Moral Theory

An Introduction to Kant's Ethics

Literature and Moral Understanding: A Philosophical Essay on Ethics, Aesthetics, Education, and Culture

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Consuming Choices: Ethics in a Global Consumer Age (Philosophy and the Global Context)

Moral Courage

Ethics and Professionalism

Now, imagine you decided to participate in the trial and it turns out that the device comes with two options: In one setting, you get no feedback on your current seizure risk by the device and the decision when to administer an electric shock to prevent an impending seizure is taken solely by the device. This keeps you completely out of the loop in terms of being able to modify your behaviour according to your seizure risk and – in a sense – relegates some autonomy of decision-making to the intelligent medical device inside your head Belmont Revisited: Ethical read for free Politics: the study of government, citizen rights and political obligations. At first glance, it would appear that such study has little application in the real world. Unlocking the secrets of knowledge acquisition is the primary concern of passionate educators of young people around the globe ref.: The Book of Good Manners: A download epub The New York Review of Books, August 8, 1974. � Prove it. The New York Review of Books, September 19, 1974. � Still Powerless online? On the latter view, moral demands gain their authority simply because a rational will, insofar as you are rational, must will them. Proponents of this reading are left with the burden of answering Herman’s challenge to provide a rationale for having willed such demands, although one response may be that the very question Herman raises does not make sense because it asks, in effect, why it is rational to be rational , cited: Topics in Stoic Philosophy Therefore, it could be argued that teaching religious studies to children would be of no help , e.g. The Capacity for Ethical read here The Capacity for Ethical Conduct: On. And pragmatists cannot even agree on what truth is—is it what works, or is it what we are continually striving for? The Bible and pragmatism have a handful of similarities download. Of course all of us want businesses to be fair, clean and beneficial to the society , e.g. The Essays of Francis Bacon. read here Do to others what you would have other do onto you ( or alternatively, don’t do to others what you wouldn’t have others do onto you) pdf. Our exchange can be seen in the video below, and I’ll make just one comment before you watch it. Notice the first four words of Harris’ reply to my question: “The moment you grant …” My point has been that what Harris wants you to grant is a philosophical, not a scientific, premise; hence, his “moral landscape” is not scientifically determined as he claims epub. In this paper we challenge presuppositions concerning decisional privacy. We examine the essential commodification of human life implicit in AR and the systematicity that makes this possible The Ethics of Confucius read pdf The Ethics of Confucius (Cosimo Classics. If you are aware of a title on any subject which is not generally available, or can't be found on YouTube - Please contact us and we'll see if we can locate and then upload it Theories of Ethics It is of interest that despite this alleged mortal blow relativism lives even today. This may suggest that at least some relativists are getting at something that is not being refuted and that the critics are missing. My present conclusion is that granting even the most generous assessment of its validity, the case against relativism is not sufficient to undermine its essential claims On Human Nature: Essays (Partly Posthumous) In Ethics and Politics (Classic Reprint) In fact, there is a certain element of gridlock between theories that is never resolved. Contemporary philosopher Peter Singer, has pointed out to the effect that "even after twenty-five hundred years of ethical reasoning philosophers still cannot tell you with any certainly whether rape is right or wrong."

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