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The table below shows the layout of a wide string memory block on Windows. Examples of constant expressions:100 'A' 256 - 1 (2.5 + 1) / (2.5 - 1) 'Borland' + ' ' + 'Developer' Chr(32) Ord('Z') - Ord('A') + 1Resource Strings Resource strings are stored as resources and linked into the executable or library so that they can be modified without recompiling the program. I have a "working" *.reg file - however, be cautious, the directory I used is probably not the same one you used.

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The Tomes of Delphi: Algorithms and Data Structures

The features or characteristics of a programming language can be referred to as its traits. The following are the three main traits of such languages that you must know about: Abstractions – Most of the programming languages have certain rules that help us define or mark the data structures as well as manipulate the way in which the commands are executed Delphi 2: A Developer's Guide download epub For more information about pointers, see Pointers and pointer types. Character-pointer operators Operator OperationOperand TypesResult TypeExample+pointer additioncharacter pointer, integer character pointer-pointer subtractioncharacter pointer, integer character pointer, integer P - Q^pointer dereference pointerbase type of pointerP^=equalitypointerBooleanP = Q<>inequalitypointerBooleanP <> QP + IThe ^ operator dereferences a pointer Sams Teach Yourself Delphi in 21 Days Sams Teach Yourself Delphi in 21 Days. This imposing appearance no doubt helped protect the purity of the sacred waters from intruders, for it was said that the two halves of the rock will snap shut on any layman who dared set foot between them Learn Object Pascal with download pdf Phidgets supports the following languages. If the language you have chosen is not fully supported with examples for all products then there are some resources available for you to fill in the gaps. First we recommend you look at the API which will show you all of the functions you can use. Next, you should look at the code samples that are available in that language. Finally you should look at code samples for your device in other languages Delphi In a Day Delphi In a Day. The somewhat equivalent for java, which is "all classes inherit from Object", so that you can have vectors, lists, cloneable, etc., is at the same time cumbersome and dangerous, beacuse it forces programmers to duplicate code possibly introducing nasty minor bugs -the ones that results in intermitent failures, the worsts of all- doing that re-implementations Database Theory - ICDT '97: download here

You can only upload a photo (png, jpg, jpeg) or a video (3gp, 3gpp, mp4, mov, avi, mpg, mpeg, rm). The A-Z of Programming Languages: C# Microsoft's Anders Hejlsberg reveals the history behind one of the most common programming languages, C#, and what the future holds for C#4.0. Oct 3, 2008 8:00 AM PT Computerworld is undertaking a series of investigations into the most widely-used programming languages , source: Delphi Database Development read online read online. John McCarthy (1974) " History of Lisp ," as quoted in: Avron Barr, Edward Feigenbaum. The Handbook of artificial intelligence, Volume 2. One can even conjecture that Lisp owes its survival specifically to the fact that its programs are lists, which everyone, including me, has regarded as a disadvantage Delphi 6 Developer's Guide download online It is in immedi Should above all be holding that in the download. It enables Delphi/Object Pascal and C++ developers to extend existing Windows applications and build apps that connect desktop and mobile devices with gadgets, cloud services, and enterprise data and APIs. Also, it enables developers to extend Windows applications using WiFi and Bluetooth App Tethering, and create shared user interface code across multiple device form factors, etc. [36] On April 7, 2015 Embarcadero released RAD Studio XE8, which included Delphi XE8 and C++Builder. [37] On August 31, 2015 Embarcadero released RAD Studio 10 Seattle, which included Delphi and C++Builder The Tomes of Delphi: download pdf

Delphi Developer's Handbook

Teach Yourself Borland Delphi in 21 Days (Sams Teach Yourself)

Delphi Programmer's Library

They have "loopholes" in the programming language specification enabling programmers to write code that circumvents the verification performed by a static type checker and so address a wider range of problems. Program execution may also be made more efficient (e , source: Advanced Delphi Developer's Guide To Sql Server 2000 read for free. When we call a function (or a procedure) inside its own unit, we use its name with whatever parameters are needed Borland Delphi 2 How-To download online. Instead, Delphi developers should use the Disposable Pattern by overriding the destructor Destroy() of an object to free valuable resources. How to do this is discussed in Chapter 9, “Memory Management and Garbage Collection.” You might be asking yourself how all these methods got into your little object ref.: Web Services Development with Delphi (Information Technologies Master Series) Apparently, this technology was enough of a paradigm shift that Microsoft bought Aspect Computing in 1996. Moving beyond drive letters was a critical piece of the overall puzzle in allowing virtual and cloud applications to be created. In a way, this was yet another abstraction layer, in that network database access became part of the "plumbing" of the Internet, allowing applications to perform queries and correlations across dozens or even hundreds of databases—far more than could be accommodated with the old "drive-mapped" methods— and leading eventually to true client server computing Delphi for .NET Developer's read online OO purists hate the results, but it's difficult to argue with that success Delphi Database Development Under the register and pascal conventions, a variant parameter is passed as a 32bit pointer to a Variant value. Sets, records, and static arrays of 1, 2, or 4 bytes are passed as 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32bit values. Larger sets, records, and static arrays are passed as 32-bit pointers to the value. An exception to this rule is that records are always passed directly on the stack under the cdecl, stdcall, and safecall conventions; the size of a record passed this way is rounded upward to the nearest double-word boundary , e.g. Delphi Nuts & Bolts: For Experienced Programmers (Nuts & bolts series)

.NET 2.0 for Delphi Programmers

The Delphi Handbook

Delphi 4 Developer's Guide with CDROM (Sams Developer's Guides)

Delphi Easy Handbook

Visual Developer Developing Custom Delphi 3 Components: Master the Art of Creating Powerful Delphi 3 Software Components

Essential Delphi 2.0 Fast: How to Develop Applications in Delphi 2.0 (Essential Series)

Delphi in Depth

Delphi Language Guide

Introducing Delphi: Theory Through Practice

Delphi 2009 Handbook

Delphi Graphics And Game Programming Exposed! With DirectX

NET compiler supports the concept of a final virtual method. When the keyword final is applied to a virtual method, no ancestor class can override that method. Use of the final keyword is an important design decision that can help document how the class is intended to be used , source: Delphi Essentials A class type must be declared and given a name before it can be instantiated. (You cannot define a class type within a variable declaration.) Declare classes only in the outermost scope of a program or unit, not in a procedure or function declaration High Performance Delphi 3 Programming Note: This, and almost all variant functionality, is implemented in the Variants unit. A variant occupies 16 bytes of memory and consists of a type code and a value, or pointer to a value, of the type specified by the code. All variants are initialized on creation to the special value Unassigned. The special value Null indicates unknown or missing data online. New - Other, and select a Console application from the Delphi projects group (to create a Win32 console application). - Write the following code, which demonstrates a function Max that determines the maximum of three passed integer values: program InlineDemo; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} uses MMSystem; function Max(const X,Y,Z: Integer): Integer; begin if X > Y then if X > Z then Result := X else Result := Z else if Y > Z then Result := Y else Result := Z end; const Times = 10000000; // 10 million var A,B,C,D: Integer; Start: LongInt; i: Integer; begin Random; // 0 A := Random(4242); B := Random(4242); C := Random(4242); Start := TimeGetTime; for i:=1 to Times do D := Max(A,B,C); Start := TimeGetTime-Start; writeln(A,', ',B,', ',C,': ',D); writeln('Calling Max ',Times,' times took ',Start,' milliseconds.'); readln end. - Compile and run the InlineDemo example application Delphi Starter Kit: download here You can save the videos in order to watch them offline. If all you want is to hear the audio, you can download the MP3! If you want to view the video on your PC, Xbox or Media Center, download the High Quality MP4 file (this is the highest quality version we have available) Mastering Delphi 3: With CDROM You already know what a constructor is � it�s a special function you call to create an instance of a class. Your classes can declare their own constructors in a similar manner to the way in which you declare normal methods. The advantage to writing your own constructors is you can perform initialization when the class is instantiated. For example, consider the following code which instantiates a TSquare class, then proceeds to set some of its instance variables: If you wrote your own constructor for the TSquare class it could receive initial values for those parameters and allow the class user to write: This is certainly more convenient, but it confers other advantages as well , e.g. The New Delphi 2 Programming EXplorer: The Best Way to Master Cutting-Edge Visual Programming The New Delphi 2 Programming EXplorer:. Like most of the TurboPower tools, this open source toolkit may be used with Borland Delphi and Borland C++ Builder and ActiveX environments like Microsoft Visual C++ and Visual Basic. If you use Borland Kylix on Linux, you might want to try the TurboPower Async Professional CLX version Delphi In a Day Because it is pure object oriented and is easier to program in Java, as Java automates memory management, and programmers do not directly deal with memory allocations Delphi for Techies download pdf

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